Welcome to the Farm

Welcome to my four thousand square foot garden! It was a life goal when I found the forever place to land to have a garden large enough to never have to shop for vegetables at the grocery store ever again. Building this from scratch has been a labor of love, but incredibly rewarding. Having a garden, or a “small farm” as I affectionately call it, takes a tremendous amount of effort to prepare the soil to accept seeds and plants, a lot of care to nurture and foster the growth of new plants, soil testing to feed the plants the right food to help them on their way, discipline and dedication to keep the weeds away to help the plants thrive, and the knowledge of when to pick just the right time to harvest and reap the rewards of the growing season. Then, after the ground is bare again, we assess what went right and what can be improved for the next growing cycle.

Sound familiar? 

As endurance athletes, we start every year by preparing our base layer of fitness. We set goals and plant the seeds for how we will approach our year in our minds and hearts, and work tirelessly all season long to cultivate success. Doing that without guidance may not help you have the best results you work so hard for. There is so much information out there, and weeding out the noise and focusing on what YOU want to achieve, as the very best version of YOU, can be daunting. That’s why I love coaching- I recognize the passion and drive in you and can help you achieve that potential and cultivate your own success when you reach your own goals. I do this through my extensive background knowledge of data analysis, expertise in human body movement and physiology, and my lifelong passion of helping people be their best. 

So, are you ready? Let’s start growing together!