Video Analysis Coaching

The best way to get real-time feedback on your performance is through video analysis. Form is the foundation for building success in endurance sports!

Together, we go through 1 hour of video analysis in a single sport, which can be done remotely or in-person.

You will receive feedback on form, with corrective cues to work on in your training. Repetition and drill work is key to get the body to do what you’re telling it to do!

Current rate: $100/hour

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Video Analysis Training Plan

Not looking for a full season of coaching, but want personalized workouts to help you fix your form? Sign up for a 6-week reformer program! This training block starts with video analysis to record your “before”, then launches you on a 6-week reforming plan tailored to what you should be working on to improve- this includes both sport AND strength-specific drills and movements to correct the biomechanical imbalances. At the end of 6 weeks, we’ll look at the “after” video to see how you’re progressing.

6-week Reforming Plan with two video analysis sessions: $400

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